embrace your true self


The Trotality Roadmap

Learn how to love your true self to find a new sense of calm, patience and happiness --- to transform your life in just weeks.




Live Your Bad Ass Life, Now...


Trotality is a streamlined roadmap --- to be in complete control of your emotions, level of happiness and joy, within weeks. Can you imagine a life where you're in the driver's seat, on a one-way highway to the all of this magic? 

  • Calm
  • Patience
  • Happiness & joy
  • Love & embrace your true self
  • Stress free relationships with deeper, more meaningful connection
  • Discipline to achieve your goals like never before (health, fitness, career, personal, etc.)

This is legit and totally possible for you to achieve. Trotality is a life-changing, mindset program that will change everything for you. We have a recipe for you to follow, right now. The program is 4-12 weeks long and provides a personalized, streamlined roadmap and coaching to achieve your goals like never before. Life is no longer happening to you, it's happening around you. We will help you change the lens through which you see the world -- it will change everything for you.

For Real...You Have The Time

This program is mapped out in a way that's doable! Are you ready to make a change to start living your best life? To be straight up with you -- you will never magically find the time to do this, you will prioritize this into something that matters to you. It's likely that you will be making time for you for the first time in your life. Your Trotality dance will actually create more time in your life, allowing you to show up better for everyone around you. This is the real way to take care of others is to take care of yourself first. 

A Commitment For You

  • Time: 10 minutes per day, at least 5x per week
  • The Process: Trust it, be all in, and then make it your own. 
  • Is Trotality Right For You?: Take our Trotality Readiness Survey.


we all have squirrels


Our Squirrels Are So Noisy!

"I don’t have time." "I have too much to do." "I need to be doing more faster." "I should be more patient." "I am ugly." "I am fat." "I should workout."  "I ate too much" "I am not good enough." "I just don’t have it in me." "I wish I could be better.

Tame our squirrel friends = make the most out of life.

The constant dialogue in our brains is completely normal. But it's often unproductive and crushes our ability to live our best life. We teach you skills to understand your internal dialogue, and your emotions, to manage your squirrel friends. This is a life-changing skill that allows you to show up as your best self in every moment.

how we actually show up

sad ○ stressed ○ impatient ○ disappointed ○ tired ○ anxious ○ overwhelmed ○ frustrated ○ reactive

full of fear

how we want to show up

happy ○ joyful ○ patient ○ calm ○ peaceful ○ open ○ alive ○ energized ○ responsive

full of love


an Evolution of you

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Trotality Impact 4.18_Graduated 2.png



    what the people are saying

    Trotality has gifted me with a new outlook on life. A new state of mind which allows me to identify and focus on the things that are truly important to me and my happiness. Although achieving my personal goals takes time, Trotality is the way. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel.
    — 35 year old, male engineer
    Trotality is helping me get out of my own way. I’ve created such bad habits in my 20s and Trotality helps bring consciousness to those issues that I want To fix about myself in a very strong, yet gentle way. It also helps me stay calm which creates less stress for me at work. I’m able to interact better with people and not be so reactive. Now I’m responsive and productive.
    — 32 year old, female, business professional
    My focus has been impacted the most. I’m able to be checked in and focused on the task at hand without my thoughts constantly interrupting. This has improved my relationship with my family and has given me the discipline to achieve my goals.
    — 24 year old, male, factory worker

    We Are Not Your Gurus

    Why Trotality? 

    Here's the truth -- we accidentally built Trotality! Susan and I (Tiffaney) have been running a Trodo, a fitness & wellbeing business, that reaches an underserved population on the west side of Chicago. This was our most potent method to help people become the best versions of themselves -- mentally, emotionally and physically, until we built Trotality.

    Our vision is to create a movement, to help the world shift from a place of fear, back to love --- Trotality is the most potent pathway that we could ever imagine. 

    How It Started

    We were working to be our best selves, and working to see people with a deep sense of love and compassion, across all walks of life. We found ourselves working through our own stuff -- work stress, family scuffles, relationship implosions, general 'I am not so happy and life is happening to me' woes. And, we thought, 'shoot, life does not have to be like this!' If we want to be happy and full of joy, then let's just study the hell out of it and share it with our people. So, we did!

    We Are Sponges (Not Experts), Learning From The Best

    We've made it our job (literally) to learn from the ridiculously, incredible experts on all things related to joy and happiness. We became obsessed with absorbing every book and podcast from all of our 'friends' (they don't know it yet), including Brené Brown, Tony Robbins, Oprah, Gabrielle Bernstein, Mark Manson, Shawn Achor, Pema Chodrin, Eckhart Tolle, and many other experts in the happiness and spirituality space. Basically, we're doing everything we can to live our best life, we developed our own practices and then we started sharing it the people around us and saw a profound impact in just weeks! The Trotality approach is life-changing and has the capability to help us all lead from a place of love, not fear to live our most joyful life, with beautiful relationships with ourselves and others.

    We're In This Together

    Trotality is now our life's work. We're creating a movement -- by rolling out a tangible structure and roadmap to bring people back from fear back into love, and we want you to be a part of the movement. Seriously, how do you become the best version of yourself? Where is that roadmap? Have you ever found a guide that's all encompassing to work on your mental, emotional and physical health? Yea, me either. That's why both you and I need Trotality. The path is explicit, relevant and raw --- and, we've mastered the art of meeting you where you are. We did the digging, we've changed our lives, then we packaged the approach and wrapped it in a giant bow, for you.

    Are you ready to actually love yourself to live your life in an entirely new way? You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Here's the deal -- being a part of Trotality is so much larger than you. We're creating a movement. A movement where you and I, and millions of people, have patience, love, lead with generous assumptions and introspection and respond instead of react to show up as who we want to be. Could you imagine a world not riddled with fear, judgement and violence? We can.....and, we know you can. Join the Trotality movement and let's create a tidal wave that shifts our country away from fear,  and back to love and connection. 

    With love, hugs and all of the warmth, 

    Tiff & Sus